About Us


Genuine. Sincere. Transparent. With a human dimension. Le Rhöne is a dream, a growth project initiated and developed in 2013 by its two founders, Loïc Florentin and Timo Rajakoski, who nurture the vision of a contemporary, creative and collaborative Haute Horlogerie.

The Rhône River was their key inspiration. Taking its source in the heart of the Swiss Alps, passing through Switzerland and Lake Geneva, and flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhône River is unique. From the majestic landscapes it crosses, it symbolizes the contemplation of nature and harmony. With its driving force, it pays tribute to the origins of Swiss watchmaking. With its transparency, it underlines Le Rhöne desire to offer Swiss timepieces, traceable and guaranteed for 10 years.

In keeping with its “Human Tempö” signature, Le Rhöne is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year with a tribute to the people, their drive and their expertise.


Between technical sophistication and timeless design, forceful lines and supreme comfort, Le Rhöne’s five major collections shine a spotlight on the artisans, the crafts and the savoir-faire deeply rooted in the great Swiss watchmaking tradition, while encouraging them to keep moving forward in their ongoing pursuit of innovation.


All watches by Le Rhöne are not only entirely made in Switzerland within a distance of less than 200 kms between Porrentruy and Geneva; they are also certified, attesting to their chronometric excellence. The same applies to all components, which are traced by Blockchain technology, on the Respect Code platform.


True to the tradition of bespoke watchmaking that combines the excellence and dedication of great watchmaking professionals, Le Rhöne also cultivates a personalized service, making a unique experience available to its customers. Together, they create timepieces made possible by the perfect collaboration of experts at the apex of their art.

Points of sale

With 9 points of sale, Le Rhöne presence is worldwide.
Each of our premium partners contribute with passion to the delivery of Le Rhöne’s philosophy across the globe: Human Tempö.

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